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Along with outstanding cuisine, the association's partner hotels have created a wide range of tailor-made leisure, sports and wellness offers that are adapted to the needs of each individual guest. All eight member hotels enjoy international renown for their compelling synthesis of tradition and modernity. And there's a special focus on the precious asset of time. That's why the wellbeing of guests of all generations is right at the heart of what we do.

About us

The vision

With passion and a common marketing vision, three German grand hotels came together in 1987 to found the Selection of German Luxury Hotels: the Nassauer Hof in Wiesbaden, the Hamburg Vier Jahreszeiten, and the Breidenbacher Hof in Düsseldorf. Among the association’s aims were a resolve to face global competition together, to declare their faith in the domestic luxury hotel industry, and to develop it ever further.

Global appeal

The eight members of the Selection of German Luxury Hotels are all internationally renowned oases of luxury and exceptional hospitality. Over the past few decades, they have decisively shaped the international image of the high-end German hotel industry with their devotion to quality and their focus on the precious asset of time.

Strong together

Member hotels don’t just benefit from the partnership in the area of sales & marketing. Synergies are consciously created in an extensive employee and trainee support network. Joint education, training and exchange programmes are developed together. Since 2014, the association has awarded an annual scholarship in collaboration with the IST-Studieninstitut Düsseldorf. The close cooperation between the association's HR managers is founded on an awareness that training in Germany has an outstanding tradition, but should be designed in a contemporary way.

Support is a management matter

Ingo C. Peters, association chairman and General Manager and Regional Vice President Europe of the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten, sees it as one of his most important tasks to encourage new partners to seize the benefits of Selection status and join the alliance. In 2009 he took over the chairmanship of the Selection of German Luxury Hotels, succeeding his friend and colleague Karl Nüser, managing partner at Nassauer Hof Wiesbaden, after 20 years as chairman.

Successful connection

In 2022 the Selection of German Luxury Hotels celebrated its 35th anniversary.

The best thing about the Selection is – its partners!

Mitglieder - Map Mitglieder - Schrift
Baden Baden
Fuschlsee Salzburg

Christian Siegling

Managing Director
Severin*s Resort & Spa

It’s with great passion that I run and host the wonderful Severin*s Resort & Spa. For myself and my staff, the art of high-end hospitality is to be found in a perfect balance between professionalism, the highest standards, and lightness of touch - so that our guests can enjoy laid-back modern luxury throughout their stay.

Thies C. Bruhn

General Manager
Grand Hotel Heiligendamm

Heiligendamm is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful locations in Europe. It’s a very special privilege to host in a setting as unique as the “German Hamptons”. Our aim: to provide first-class service with meticulous attention to detail. As a northern European luxury resort, the Grand Hotel Heiligendamm represents an exclusive blend of cultural tradition, lifestyle and exquisite cuisine.

Ingo C. Peters

General Manager & Regional Vice President
Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten

For 125 years we've been making history at the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten. Offering guests from all around the world first-class service in a lakeside setting of timeless elegance in the heart of the Hanseatic city of Hamburg.

Cyrus Heydarian

Managing Director & Owner
Breidenbacher Hof

We are

Individual but not inflexible
Unique but not eccentric
Attentive but not intrusive
Honest but not abrupt
Exclusive but not arrogant
Healthy but not austere
Experience-oriented but not overloaded
Happy but not fake
Pleasure-loving but not trend-obsessed
Experts but not bores
Düsseldorfers but cosmopolitan

Georg Plesser

Managing Director
Excelsior Hotel Ernst

The Excelsior Hotel Ernst has been a grand hotel and place of culinary surprises since 1863. Located right beside world-famous Cologne Cathedral in the heart of the Old Town, we love to welcome guests who bring not only luggage with them but high expectations. You'll find genuine hospitality, a big personality, and profound respect for our guests’ wishes. Service that we interpret warmly, in the Cologne way. Because after all, we are a grand hotel heart and soul.

Henning Matthiesen

Managing Director
Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa
Baden Baden

The member hotels of the Selection of German Luxury Hotels are oases of luxury with a worldwide reputation. With its strong commitment to quality and service, our association has shaped the image of the high-end German hotel industry over the past decades.

Dominik G. Reiner

General Manager
Mandarin Oriental

Hello and a big welcome to the heart of Munich! Experience Japanese cuisine at Chef Nobu's Matsuhisa, the best view of the city and DJ mixes at the Mahjong Roof Garden, and Munich nightlife at the Ory Bar!

Rosewood Schloss Fuschl

If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.

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Facts and figures



In 1987 three German grand hotels founded the Selection of German Luxury Hotels as a
marketing association.


Partner hotels

Seven German and one Austrian grand hotels belong to the Selection of German Luxury Hotels.



The Selection of German Luxury Hotels has a total of 970 rooms and suites



The association’s hotels currently employ around 1,650 people.



Trainees have a very special place in the association - a total of 225 are currently receiving training in our partner hotels.

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